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A major business unit of a Fortune 50 company shifted from a stocking model to an assembled to order business model. A whole set of new requirements had to be addressed in a short span, including Work Order Creation, picking raw materials for assembly based on BOM, moving it to WIP, and consuming when Finished Goods are produced. Oφ WMS was rapidly deployed to address the requirements at a fraction of the price of the existing ERP/WMS in a completely integrated environment. Yes, you read it right. The functionalities were implemented faster and more cost effectively in Oφ WMS than the existing ERP and WMS.

Benefits include

  • Real time tracking of inventory movement instead of a 36 – 48 hours lag
  • A 20% reduction in operational labor due to automation
  • An advanced analytical engine that circumvented and addressed the inabiity to track BOM consumption at multiple units of consumption
  • Seamless FIFO and lot tracking
  • improved visibility and raw material planning based on advanced WO inventory allocation

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