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First ever truly unified supply chain platform – not Integrated, but Unified

Our architecture is conceived to seamlessly unify the traditional Warehouse Management System (WMS), Transportation Management System (TMS) and Supply Chain Planning System (SCPS) into one easily configurable platform.

We can tailor our solution to be any one of these systems or a unified combination of all these systems easily. The result is a redefined supply chain where the traditional silos diffuse into one unified seamless value chain.

Businesses spend a lot of money on supply chain systems. Big visions for supply chain transformations often go unrealized despite those investments. Rigidity in the functionalities and the cost of customization present a major hurdle. Unfortunately, the story repeats itself several times in the litany of supply chain systems with ever confusing acronyms like WMS, TMS, YMS, LMS, WCS, IPS, etc.

Oφ platform integrates all these disparate systems into one common platform for the price of a single system. By cutting across planning and execution domains as well as across multiple supply chain silos, we enable a seamless supply chain. The powerful combination of know-how and rapidly customizable system delivers substantial ROI within a few weeks.

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