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Oφ – Planning through Execution System

Choose from an array of supply chain functionalities across supply
chain planning, operations, warehousing & transportation. We will
serve them together as a single system

One Unified Configurable
Platform – Several
manifestations of Supply Chain
Planning & Execution (SCPE)

While maneuvering through the supply chain maze, are you
better off with siloed systems such as WMS, TMS and
Planning System or a functionally converging, single
system that cuts across the entire maze?

Get freedom from the shackles of inflexible and disparate supply chain systems. Empower your supply chain with one system that cuts across planning and execution. Enable cross functional analytics and workflows. Focus on real-time business insights rather than correlating and validating latent data across incongruent systems.

With the Oφ- Planning through Execution System, you can

  • Get Supply Chain Planning, WMS and TMS functionalities in one system
  • Model and replicate physical product flows and processes across echelons seamlessly
  • Create end-to-end visibility across the traditional organizational and systemic silos
  • Pick and choose the functionalities that are relevant and pay only for those
  • Enable continuous and inexpensive system customization to reflect changing business needs
  • Eliminate the need for costly periodic upgrades

Here is how you will benefit:

Get what you want – All or some

Pay for functionalities you need and use – mix and match relevant functionalities across planning, operations, warehousing and transportation…

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Enthusiastic Adoption

From the functionalities to the user interface – everything is designed to suit the customer based on input from the potential users…

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Universal Data

One system enables universal data collection across the entire supply chain, simplifies access and enhances data integrity…

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Finger-tip Analytics

Our advanced analytics and planning engines leverage data in the Universal data layer. Deeper insights across the entire supply chain generate actionable…

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Collaborative Problem Solving

Seamless unification of processes across different functional areas provides real-time visibility into cross-functional decisions as they happen and promotes enhanced collaboration.

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Lightening deployment

What usually takes months to implement in traditional enterprise systems, takes weeks to implement in Oφ. Start using the system and realize value faster than ever.

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Exception Based Management

Important exceptions are identified and presented to the stakeholders in an actionable way. Inadequate stock, order end-dates, delivery delays…

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Real-time Visibility and Response

Users get real-time visibility into the progress of processes and can flag, analyze and respond without delays. We enable complete control…

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The impact is profound. Our client’s ability to connect the different functional areas and seamlessly navigate back and forth has transformed their day to day operations. Manual processes are automated. Exceptions are visible to the extended team and are addressed as soon as they occur. A shift in focus from tackling the day to day mundane to longer term strategic improvements generates substantial benefits.

Click below to learn how new customer orders drive a change in the shipping consolidation and routing, alerts and recommends a change to the production schedule, which in turn modifies the associated workload and labor requirement in the warehouse. All while cutting costs and improving efficiencies….

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