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Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Leverage the power of AI and advanced analytics to
leap frog your supply chain performance

In Oφ, “big data” is not a fancy
jargon. It is what we live by day to
day and minute to minute.

Our consulting and system solutions leverage our adaptive algorithms and artificial intelligence in a seamless way. The client easily realizes and enjoys the benefits of our solution, without having to go through the pain of understanding the complexity behind the scenes.

Here are the different ways in which we leverage our big
data & analytical capabilities

Descriptive Analytics
Insight on Past Performances

Describe, Analyze, Improve

Past data continues to be the most reliable and immediate way to
gauge the temperature of the supply chain.

A wide range of measures in Supply Chain Planning
such as

  • forecast accuracy (Demand Planning)
  • out of territory shipments, stock outs, expedites, multiple shipments/order (Inventory Planning)
  • compliance to schedule and landed costs (Supply Planning)

And a whole range of measures in Supply Chain Execution
such as

  • warehouse productivity and over times to
  • shipped on time, in full, using the right shipment mode, without damages and invoiced accurately (perfect order)

can all be valuable indicators of a company's critical supply chain performance.

These measures along with their trends over time are valuable insights that we leverage to baseline and benchmark operations, identify root causes of issues and improve performance

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Predictive Analytics –
Understanding the Future

Predict, Perform, Profit

No man or machine can exactly predict what will happen in the future.
But Predictive analytics can help you to determine future happenings
and the likelihood/probability of those happenings.

See how we leverage our Predictive capabilities to

  • Demand sense and respond
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Anticipate the impact of promotion and pricing changes
  • Analyze the impact of New Product Introductions, SKU proliferation and associated cannibalization
  • Predict supply chain risks and disruptions
  • Continuously estimate the probability of an event and alert the appropriate stakeholder
  • Understand the pressure due to competitor activities & external factors

Talk to us about how we leveraged our predictive capabilities to model complex macro-economic and product life cycle data to improve forecast accuracy by 50%

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Prescriptive Analytics
Prescribe Actions to generate favorable future

Prescribe, Execute, Benefit

Prescriptive Analytics – if administered appropriately can
have huge benefits to a company’s bottomline.

While the general industry notion is that it is a relatively complex and a new field, we have been steadily improving and successfully leveraging a combination of advanced heuristics and prescriptive optimization techniques to solve real world supply chain problems for our clients. The techniques are applied on a variety of datasets including historical and transactional data, real-time data feeds, and big data.

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