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Omni Channel Strategy + Network Design = Exceed Customer
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Design the supply chain network that best supports
the Omni-Channel Strategy

Traditional Network Design is not enough anymore. A combination of Channel Strategy + Inventory Analytics + Network Design is the key. Customers are more connected, informed and unforgiving with constantly changing shopping patterns – businesses need to manage a more complex and flexible supply chain to meet the changing needs. Even traditional B2B organizations are forced to drop ship and support the ever increasing B2C ecommerce channels.

With the confluence of channels, differing customer expectations, speed to market and ever increasing product portfolio and cost pressures, companies continue to operate in a chaotic environment. It need not be so.

The first step towards achieving a tighter supply chain is a strategic network design.

The process begins with understanding the Omni-Channel Strategy of the business for competitive positioning and reevaluating the existing manufacturing and distribution network to support the same.

Omni-Channel Strategy defines the channel service levels required by customer segment, the expected growth and all associated product flow paths from vendor to the customer.

Inventory Analytics determines the appropriate inventory positioning required in the different nodes of the supply chain to support the different channels and the associated service levels.

Adaptable & Flexible Network Design identifies the most efficient asset infrastructure that can scale and support the product flow requirements to achieve the desired channel service level….And be ready to flex as requirements change.

Strategic network design is critical if

  • the current network is constraining the business growth & scalability
  • you want to improve your service levels to the customer
  • you want to cut costs and improve profitability
  • you want to know how best to serve the customers across the different channels
  • you want to know how to appropriately deploy inventory across facilities across channels
  • you have new channels that are significant growth engines
  • you plan to open a new manufacturing or a distribution facility
  • you intend to move or close an existing facility
  • you are reevaluating your transportation modes and profile
  • you want to evaluate the network impact due to acquisition or divestiture
  • you want to ensure the right network before big investments on Enterprise Applications

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