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Why Us?

Supply chain solutions as unique as your business!
Why settle for generic solutions and spend on customization
when you can get tailored solutions for half the price?

Driving Improved Business
Decisions – faster

While supply chain firms specialize in consulting or
systems or specific areas of supply chain such as planning
or warehousing or transportation – Oφ brings all
these together to develop a comprehensive solution for you.

Our solutions provide deeper insights through the breadth of supply chain by eliminating barriers across functional silos and cutting seamlessly across Planning and Execution layers.

Here is why we are the right partner for you…

Innovative, Experienced &
Committed Team

With a collective experience spanning several decades, the team at Oφ is equipped to tackle supply chain challenges of varying complexities with innovative solutions. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Flexibility- in solutions, in
deployment, in costs

We are flexible as it relates to the solutions and functionalities, the deployment in cloud or on-premise and even with regards to the payment structure for our efforts. Our objective is to eliminate your barrier to engage us and benefit.

Born and Built to Solve Supply
Chain Problems

We understand the supply chain challenges faced by businesses. Whether you are a fortune 50 or a small to mid-sized business, our systems – together with consulting and analytics quickly become comprehensive solutions that improve service, cut costs, slash inventory & simplifies complexities.

Customization – not constraints

Our solutions are tailored to suit your business needs. It is not constrained by the typical rigidity of consulting firms or enterprise systems. As your business needs change, so will our solution and systems, at minimal costs.

What works…stays

We do our best to retain current systems, functionalities and processes that work for your business. We bridge the gaps or augment to existing capabilities or functionalities for improving business outcomes. You only pay for an incremental solution, but generate substantial ROI.

Opportunistic Solutioning

Continuously improve the solution as soon as you see an enhancement opportunity. Let your creativity set the limit to what you can do. There is no need to put your brilliant ideas in the back burner because the system cannot support it.

Minimally Invasive Approach

The agile and flexible methodology that we follow for our system implementations ensures the least disruption to existing business operations and systems. The approach substantially lowers the risk of implementing new solutions.

Proven Track Record

Our growing list of trusted client partnerships and triumphant client engagements are the testament to our successful approach

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