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CMAAS – Customized Modules as a Service

Enhance the utility & life of your existing system by leveraging our
Customized Modules as a Service

Bridge the functional gaps in
your existing system easily and

As businesses continue to evolve, the system requirements
that support the business also evolve. There may be
specific functionalities that become critical for the
operations that may or may not be available in the existing
system. Bridging those functional gaps need not be

Where customized modules may benefit:

Custom modules in one sytem

Often times, a company may have a system – legacy or otherwise, that may not have the required functionality, regardless of the price. In such cases, it becomes difficult to justify replacing the existing system for want of a few specific functionalities…

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Custom modules accross multiple systems

Sometimes, a new functionality will need to be implemented across multiple existing systems. For instance, the Bill of Material (BOM) for a company selling finished goods will become a new critical functionality when they start to Assemble to Order (ATO)…

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