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Transform your supply chain into strategic advantage through rapidly
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Flexible Solutions – rapidly
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We understand that system implementations are major
endeavors in any organization – small, medium or large.

Given the constraints on operational, business and IT resources, our approach to implementation & integration is to minimize the strain on your organization. Our solution based implementation approach, along with our range of integration approaches, will support what your IT organization favors, without compromising on the business goals.

Implementation Methodology

Oφ follows a flexible implementation methodology. Unlike traditional enterprise system implementations, our approach is incremental. The solutions are not only rapidly implemented, but also yield instant results. The clients continue to build on the results and add functionalities and modules on an ongoing basis.
Each module communicates seamlessly with the other modules enabling easy and fast plug and play. We tailor our solutions to mimic the exact functionalities that the client requires, ensuring complete utilization of the system.

Integration Ease

We are ERP agnostic. All the modules within our solutions are like APIs which can communicate seamlessly with other modules as well as with client’s enterprise systems – significantly reducing integration timeline and costs.

Deployment flexibility

Our solutions can be deployed rapidly and are easily configurable. Be it in-cloud or on-premise or a combination of both – the choice is yours on how you want it to be deployed.

Enhanced Security

Confidentiality and security of all system data is paramount. We have spared no effort or expense in ensuring the highest levels of security to sensitive information so you don’t have to. You deserve a good night’s sleep.

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