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Wave, Zone, Batch pick to improve productivity and increase channel velocity

A hardware manufacturer was struggling to get orders shipped at peak times such as the end of the month, quarter, fiscal year, etc. The inability had a direct impact on the revenue that could be recognized in a fiscal period. Needless to say, the downstream impact was pronounced. Implementation of specific Oφ WMS modules to enable Wave, Zone, Batch picking increased productivity and consequently throughput. The ability of Oφ WMS modules to be deployed as a separate system in an API based fully integrated environment allowed the creation of the functionality rapidly and cost effectively. The more interesting fact – the client already had a WMS implemented in the warehouse.

Benefits include

  • A third increase in productivity and throughput
  • A 40% increase in On-time orders shipped
  • Substantial reduction in overtime during weekdays and weekends
  • Dynamic replenishment at the time of picking kept the primary pick slots stocked without additional labor
  • Replenishment of primary from partial pallets before full pallets eliminated partial pallets proactively and increased space by 20%
  • Ownership of zones by warehouse operators created a sense of pride and responsibiity that did not exist before

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