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Rapid TMS and process implementation when moving from in-house manufacturing to outsourced contract manufacturer

An industrial electronics manufacturer migrated to contract manufacturing from in-house manufacturing. However, the Contract Manufacturer (CM) was required to ship directly to the customers and was required to automate the CM invoicing the client and the client invoicing the customers at the time of shipment. Rapid customization, implementation and absorption of the TMS and the integration with the Client’s ERP system enabled the requirement in a seamless way from Day 1.

Benefits include

  • Real time tracking of shipping process to invoice the client’s customers
  • Elimination of errors from manual routing & shipping by the CM
  • Ability to calculate shipping costs and appropriately charge the customers for shipping at the time of shipment
  • Improved visibility to shipments for the Client’s customers as the tracking numbers were emailed at the time of invoicing

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