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Increased throughput + reduced errors + Lot tracking

A leading apparel and footwear retailer was struggling to manage inbound freight across their several domestic and international vendors. All operations were manual in nature. As a result, not only was the process time consuming, but the decisions and results highly ineffficient. The Oφ team worked with the client’s management and logistics teams to automate the entire process and make the transition painless. Customized and tailored algorithm was the key. Winning the client’s trust on the consolidation methodology and results as well as the ability for the teams to perform rapid sensitivity analysis, created that trust and the much need quick transition.

Benefits include

  • decrease in dock to stock time from about 36 hrs to about 5 min
  • a 99% reduction in shipping errors
  • complete visibility to all inventory in the warehouse
  • dynamic slotting for seasonal items improved productivity by about 20%
  • complete lot tracking with FIFO
  • deployment of TMS and production planning leveraging the Oφ platform within 12 months

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